Why waste your money on a gym?

It’s been 3 months that I stopped going to the gym. I have an ectomorph body so that means I lose weight quickly, if I dont keep hitting the gym. I had made good gains, Im 5’7 so I was at 154 lbs with 10% or less body fat which is very good for an ectomorph. 

So, I stopped going and started eating and drinking unhealthy foods. I said “Fuck it, Im gonna eat, drink and do whatever the fuck I want”. I feel skinny again and I can see a little gut. I am now at 140 lbs. I know you’re probably thinking “Then, why the hell did you stop hitting the gym, dumbass?”. Well, there’s an answer to that. 

The answer is to prove that you don’t need a gym to get fit or “buff”. It doesn’t matter if you’re an ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph. Why waste money on a gym? Men, is it because you want to go check out the ladies? What for? You don’t approach them anyway but that’s a different story. Most people spend hours at the gym and that’s fine if you’re a bodybuilder. If bodybuilding is your profession this is not for you. This is for people that want to have an all natural fit body. 

Ok, so how can you get this all natural Greek God body without steroids or going to the gym?  You can accomplish this by Bodyweight Strength Training!!! This means that you can use your own bodyweight as weights, duhhhh. Of course, you have to eat healthy foods as well. I’ve done it before, in 2012 I was at 160 lbs. with less than 10% body fat and it was all done without weights. Pull-ups, Sit-ups, Chin-ups and other variety of exercises that will help you build muscle and burn fat. In other words “Calisthenics”. 

I will start Bodyweight Strength Training on Monday and I will record my progress to show you that you don’t need to go to the gym. So, I will do it first just to show you that its true, I wouldn’t tell you or recommend something without me trying it first. I will show you results!